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Turku Repair Yard Ltd. (TRY) - Data Policy and Terms and Conditions

Job Applicants Privacy Notice
Effective 25 May 2018

Purpose of this Privacy Notice is to provide job applicants information about processing of their personal data in TRY. This Privacy Notice gives a general understanding of such personal data processing.

In respect of each data subject’s personal data, the controller is regarded to be TRY.

In case of doubt, the applicant can always contact:

Turku Repair Yard Ltd.
PL 212
21101 Naantali, Finland
Phone: +358 20 44 511

Processing of personal data is based on the data controller’s legitimate interest to process
personal data for the purposes of recruiting as well as the connection between TRY and the
applicant participating to the recruiting process. For some parts, processing of the personal data is
also necessary for the purposes of preparing the employment contract.

The purpose of processing of personal data is to receive and handle applications from job applicants for recruitment and selection purposes, allow access to recruitment tools and carry out the recruitment process. Job applications can be open applications or intended for a certain specific job opening. Management of on-line application system may be outsourced to an external IT supplier and the data may also be pro-cessed by external recruitment consultants who are handling applicant assessments and supporting in the recruitment process.

• Personal information, including name, contact information, place of birth and other similar information necessary for identifying applicants
• A cover letter in free format for the application;
• The applicant’s education and work experience information;
• Questionnaires and self-evaluation records;
• Potential other similar/relevant application-related information
• Subject to the applicable laws and applicants’ consent, background check information, such as information obtained through security clearances or similar information sources.
• Data related to use of applications

As a general rule, TRY processes such application information which has been provided by a job applicant him/herself.

TRY is actively processing the personal data of the applicants during the recruitment process.
After the recruitment process has ended, TRY passively retains the personal data for 1 year.

If personal data is transferred outside of the EU/EEA area, the data controller ensures that sufficient level of data protection is maintained through appropriate safety measures, e.g. EU com-mission’s model clauses.

All data is primarily handled manually by dedicated managers. Printouts are held to a minimum and handled by the employing manager. TRY is responsible for secure processing of such manual material and destroying the material when no longer needed in connection with the relevant recruitment process or if requested by the applicant.