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quaility repairs

Certified by the Lloyd's Registers Quality Assurance

updated 08.08.2017

  Repair Services

More than 100 annual dockings and ship repairs are carried out by the Turku Repair Yard Ltd.

Examples of maintenance and repairs include:

Heavy Steel Work
- lengthenings
- conversions
- superstructures
- hull damage repairs

Heavy Machinery Work
- main and auxiliary engine replacement
- shaft surveys
- propeller maintenance and repairs

Interior Work
- refurbishing and up-grading
- modifications
- carpentry
- electrical work

Surface Treatment Work
- high pressure water cleaning
- grit blasting
- painting
- anodes

Annual Service and Maintenance

Voyage Repairs
If your ship needs instant repair, you do not need to worry as Turku Repair Yard Ltd conducts a wide range of ship repairs. In addition to our docks, we have a voyage repair service. Our repair teams are highly skilled professionals who have a long experience in ship repair.

The voyage repair service operates 24h a day, which helps you to minimize the downtime in case of trouble. The typical area of operation for voyage repair teams is the Baltic area where our teams can reach their destinations more quickly. So if you have a problem, contact us, and we will fix it.

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